Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Relationship ManagementSpeedStep SRM is a modern and powerful software solution to manage the relationships with your suppliers, support the strategic planning and the be the central control of the sourcing process. SRM is an essential part of the supply chain management.  You can set-up standard goals and guidelines, enabling objective supplier evaluation.

An integrated solution that collects all data and information in areas such as sourcing, purchase, quality control and logistics. This allows you to continuously evaluate suppliers and production locations.

Use Speed Step SRM for an objective selection of suppliers,to  make informed decisions and to achive higher customer satisfaction.

Standard Goals and Guidelines
Manage standard specifications for Packing requirements, transportation requirements, Social complience requirements and process requirements.

Supplier Data

  • Manage all supplier and contact details
  • Assign profile templates to Suppliers
  • Manage supplier profile data
  • Integrated document management system

Supplier Audits

  • Management of Supplier Audits
  • Creation and maintenance of audit reports
  • Integrated task management to control open issues in auditing.

Supplier Evaluation

  • Evalute and rate each supplier order.
  • Quality data from Sample and Final inspections
  • Supplier audit results
  • Delivery performace and Quantity reliabality data
  • Comparison of prices- derived from Purchase and Price inquiries

Interfaces and Integration

  • Export data into external systems
  • WEB interface to integrate suppliers and agents
  • Mobile solutions for creating inspection and audit visit reports.
  • Import data from external systems using web services
  • Full integration with Speed Step PLM and, Supply chain and Final inspection systems


Supplier Relationship Management supports following area in the fashion industry:

  • Wholesaler
  • Retailers
  • Production Companies
  • Agent Office
  • Merchandiser
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