Basic Set-up

AQL – Tables
AQL Tables determine the number of pieces to be sampled based on the delivery quantity and quality levels.
These settings also control the distinction of defect severity in to “Major” or “Minor” and allowed tolerance based on the sampling quantity.

Inspection Types
Following two types of inspection can be controlled in the application
- Loading Inspection
- Garment Inspection

Testing Area
The application provides for the following areas of testing:
- Quantity / Assortment
- Product conformity
- Labeling and packing conformity
- Container loading details
- Inspection basic photo list
- Inspection photo list
- Garment inspection
- Garment measurements

Test Groups
Defects can be grouped into test groups. Some examples of test groups are:
- Transport Packaging
- Sales Packaging
- Label, labels, prints, etc.
- Material
- Accessories
- Processing
- Optics

Defects catalog
Individual Defects are maintained in this list. Each defect can be assigned to a defect group. For every
Defect code, the following information is managed:
- Description of the Defect
- Classification of the defect as a major error / Minor defect
- A collection of images depicting the defect
- Video files

Customer Defect Catalog
You can manage a list of defects specific to a customer. This ensures that tests based on customer requirements are made.

Plan of Action
You can define individual “tasks” for the inspection and define time lines and responsibilities for each task. Objectives of each task can be defined to assist during inspection.

Business Partner
Business partners such as Suppliers, Production locations, Laboratories and inspection partners, can be managed with in the application.

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