Inspection Planning
Based on purchase orders (PO), inspections can be planned and managed within the application. With integrated supply-chain platform from Speed Step, suppliers or production partner can post packing list directly along with the required statuses such as “ready for inspection”.
You can schedule the inspection and enter information such as process partner, inspection location, time of inspection and the name of the inspector.
A “Work Center” is available where you can filter and view all scheduled inspections and control them.

In this function, basic data for inspection are created, edited and managed. An inspection process can be managed based on a booked inspection or a purchase order, with a packing list or shipment.
Individual process partners are assigned to each booked inspection and associated data automatically flows from the booked inspection, which can be changed.
Based on packing list data (delivered quantity), number of pieces to be inspected is determined along with tolerance of allowed defects for major/minor defects.
For each inspection – process status, test status and result status are maintained.

Process Status
- Planned
- In Progress
- Wait
- Completed

Test Status
- Accepted
- Rejected
- On hold
- Not ready

Result Status
- Pass
- Fail
- Pending
- Not available

Inspection Plan
For each inspection, a plan is maintained. This plan includes:-
- Which boxes to be inspected
- Which Style/Article/Color/Variant/Size within Inner/outer carton is to be inspected
- If the inspection is based on a shipment, then “Container Loading plan” is also considered.

The inspection plan can be created automatically or manually. The manual inspection plan can be created based on a packing list or shipment, with individual Style/Article/Color/Variant/Size selected.

Inspection Data
Inspection data is captured for each inspected sample.   Defects are captured per each test group and defects are assigned from the defect catalog.  Measurement inspection will be based on measurement chart.
Test results are captured and entered in the column “Final Inspection”.   The deviation from standard values is shown as Difference. The difference also considers the tolerance defined for each defect.
A consolidated error list for major and minor defects, by test group is prepared. If any defect is found to be beyond allowed tolerance, then warning message is shown. The user can chose to either abort the inspection or to continue.

Following inspection forms are available:
- Inspection Schedule
- Inspection results

These forms can be printed or exported as Pdf or emailed.

Reference data
Inspection reference data can be stored in the application. These reference data can be stored in multiple formats such as pdf, Microsoft word or Excel.
Article, QC and order data are available as reference when Speed Step PLM software is used. Specifically, these reference data include:

Article Data
- Article Images
- Bill of Material with Fabric, accessories, labeling information
- Measurement chart
- Printing and embroidery information
- Color co-ordination for materials and color reference information

QC Data
- Results of sample tests for Lab Dips, Material tests and PPS sample assessment

Order data
- Packing instructions
- Carton dimensions and weights
- Carton  markings

Task Lists
Each inspection is assigned with task steps and can be assigned to individual responsible users with time lines. Thus, the current status of each inspection task is always visible.

Dashboard and Schedule
All planned inspections with responsibility is clearly and transparently presented in a dashboard. The display is based on individual responsible user and assigned due dates. The inspection schedule can be controlled and monitored using filter and views in the dashboard.

Inspection Statistics
Results of each test can be evaluated based on a defect code system. For this purpose, you can consolidate inspection results with various criteria. This can also be used for confidential vendor evaluation purpose.

Standard interfaces are available for integration in to third party systems, using traditional CSV / ASCII formats as well as on-line web services.
This application works closely with Speed Step PLM and Speed Step Supply-chain (Dimension) solutions. External partners such as process partners, auditors and audit companies are integrated over the internet using Speed Step Dimension and Speed Step Factory client applications

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