PDM Interface


At the beginning of the project, the work processes of a company and also the capacity of the leading systems need to be clarified. The outcome of this clarifies which data have to be maintained in the particular systems. As a guideline, there is a consideration of the "classical" functions of both systems.

There can be a definition of data transfer from Speed Step PDM to ERP solution according to the model status in the PDM system. So that the data available is in the desired quality, a completeness check can be done before the data transfer based on specific validation criteria(s). The structure of a company also defines the scope of the interface. To give an example, there can be the description of an article in PDM system with a material list, but in ERP system they are working without a material list because the company works contractually.

SpeedStep PDM® workflow and ERP system integration

Standard Features:

  • Import of supplier and customer master data from the ERP system
  • Import of material master data from the ERP (If available)
  • Export of material data to the ERP system
  • Export of basic information such as product descriptions, production groups, colors and sizes
  • Export of Style image data,
  • Export of pre-calculation
  • Export of BOM

Speed Step provides SDK (Software Development Kit) for the providers of ERP software. This includes components enabling the software to integrate PDM partner information directly in the ERP software.

The SDK (Software Development Kit) includes the following features:

  • PDM Information
  • Printing of the PDM style specification sheets
  • Export of style specification sheets in PDF format for e-mail delivery and the entries in the style history of the PDM system


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