Interfaces - PDM and ERP...these two principles of process organization must be the primary focus for the integration of PDM and ERP in the first place. While using SPEED STEP PDM to optimize the product development process, the data can further be used for the production in the ERP-system. Conversely already existing data that have their origin in the ERP-system can be used during the developing phase. Thus, an interface is needed for both systems to speak the same language. By creating interfaces, multiple data inputs and mistakes can be avoided.

SPEED STEP has a vast experience and an industry expert in developing such custom interfaces. Since fashion companies have their own working styles, the work processes seldom look alike. How the work processes are to be setup in the customized integration solutions for a company has to be considered specifically.

The experts / professionals of SPEED STEP speak the same language:

  • We understand your business!
  • Both sides know the technology of the data exchange
  • The costs for the interface adjustments are exactly calculable

We focus on the development of solutions that enables the smooth functioning of the data exchange. A project accompanies the complete phase of definition and coordination to implementation and staff training. In the important groundwork of analyzing your company's specific processes, we are on your side. We also provide support in preparing the analyses for the company-specific processes and advise you in a professional and supporting way to strike new paths without ignoring the already established ways.

Our vast experience from many customer projects and the competence of our employees is the guarantee for a smooth implementation of our SPEED STEP solutions. In collaboration with the ERP provider we customize the technical implementation of the interface. Generally the exchange gets realized over database charts, web services, COM objects and classical data exchange like XML, CSV or ASCI.

Interfaces supports following area in the fashion industry:

  • Wholesaler
  • Retailers
  • Production Companies