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Speed Step Solutions

Product Data Management

product data management - pdm With the globalization of the markets and changes in the consumer needs, development, production or purchase of garments face new challenges.


Supply Chain Management

supply chain management With SPEED STEP Dimension® you will optimize buying processes for your company. This web application offers communication & information platform to you and your partners.


Fashion Design

fashion design Our Design Suite is a professional platform for textile and fashion design which allows you to work smoothly creating new trends and share ideas and visual designs.


Product Lifecycle Management

Product lifecycle management Global dealings characterize the “Supply Chain” of an enterprise in the garment industry. The quick procurement and on schedule supply of the products is a success factor for your enterprise.



Sales Software Special requirements of a modern and flexible sales handling arise in the garment industry. “Customer Relationship”, the relationship with your customer is the success factor for your company.



Software Interfaces Speed Step has a vast experience and an industry expert in developing such custom interfaces. Since fashion companies have their own working styles, the work processes seldom look alike.